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Pinback buttons have a variety of uses. For one, they can be used to express admiration, love, and loyalty for something or someone. They can be worn on shirts or jackets. Many people and companies may buy custom pinback buttons to serve as gifts, brands or buy to resell so that they can raise funds for a cause. Therefore, if you are planning to buy custom pinback buttons, below are some of the factors you should consider.  


First, you should consider buying pin buttons that are durable and resistant to rust and water. The best pin buttons to buy are those that are made from glossy and water-resistant finishes. Also, ensure that you buy from a company that produces high-quality pinback buttons.  


Secondly, you should also consider the size and shape of the pin buttons before purchasing them. This will depend on what you want. You do not want to buy pin buttons that are too tiny or too big. Pinback buttons also come in various shapes such as the rectangular, oval, square and star shape. So, you need to choose what shape you like and will match your needs.


Style and taste are other factors you need to consider. If you like to have a unique finish on you pinback buttons, then you should look for a supplier who will offer exactly that. Some of the unique custom pinback button finishes available are the soft-touch matte or the glossy finish. Be sure to ask your supplier what materials they use on these pinback buttons to give them their unique look. You are confident that the company will provide you with a broad range of options that you can select from. If you want your style incorporated into custom buttons to make you pin back buttons stand out, you should make sure that you notify your supplier. 


Another factor that you should consider is the customer support available from the company of the custom pinback buttons. Does the provider offer online support and post purchase service? Will the company compensate you if you have issues with parts of the custom pinback buttons? If so, consider working with that particular company. But if they do not offer such service, you should not consider hiring another company.


Further to that, consider the terms and conditions of the supplier. It is important that you ask them how they prefer to be paid. Do they prefer to be paid in advance or after delivery? Check whether they send sample photos before they start the production of your pinback buttons. Keeping that in mind, ask them how much time they would take to make such modifications. It is advisable that you always buy from a company that has the most customer friendly terms and conditions. 


 Lastly, find out from the company you are working with about the waiting time. They should tell you about how many business days that you will have to wait to receive your custom buttons. As soon as they say about the waiting time, the next question you should ask yourself is whether you are willing to wait for the entire time they tell you or whether you want your order to be rushed.  If you need your order to be rushed, then find out how much more money they would charge you for your pin buttons.